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Editorial February 2021

Dear Reader

Welcome to our February edition of Share. As I write this it is just a few days before Christmas 2020 and I have no idea what February 2021 will be like in these strange times. But I do know one thing for sure. I know that the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous will be there for me in February 2021 and I also know that our Twelve Steps will still be there to keep me sober and our Twelve Traditions will still work to keep us safe. I also know that all I have is today, but what a day! A day of adventures, of opportunities to learn new things, a day to laugh but it could also be a day to grieve with someone who has lost a family member or friend.

February, the second month brings articles to SHARE on Step Two, “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” All of us will have something to share on the journey this Step takes us on. For me a lot of rebellion until brought to my knees by alcohol followed by a shift in my thinking and beliefs to give me that power that is greater than me and greater than alcohol. As they say, “Powerful stuff!”

Members continue to write articles for our beloved SHARE, thank you so much! Sometimes the articles are put aside for a feature several months or even a year away such as a specific Step, so please bear with us. Other articles may not fit our criterial for publication (Please always check out these in our contents page). But we at SHARE appreciate every article that you send in and of course in writing you are doing service for our Fellowship and service keeps us sober!

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Step Two - February Is The Cruellist Month

FEBRUARY is usually very bitter. It is the time when people have colds and flu, it is when all the bills for Christmas come in, emptying the purse.

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Locked In, But Not Locked Out

I've been thinking a great deal lately, having been told to stay at home when possible, and to keep myself and others safe.

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The Best Is Yet To Come

I started drinking at 15. My reasoning was to fit in with others as it was the done thing with my mates.

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Walking The Walk

I can tell that I am still a bit of a rebel, I buy the magazine every month then I save them up and have a binge to catch up so I am now reading the April edition

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