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Editorial December 2020

Dear Reader

Welcome to our December issue, the last month of 2020, an extraordinary year. For some of our readers this has been an extra extraordinary year as they have come to our Fellowship and found sobriety in lockdown.  Sobriety when most of our face to face meetings have been closed, a year where we learned how to work online meeting software, “You’re on mute!” So welcome to all of you who have found our AA Fellowship and to those who have come back to us.

The AA message in the year 2020 has been carried to you somehow, perhaps by the AA Website, the AA telephone service, a friend, a helping agency, the AA email or Chat Now service, by a nurse, doctor or someone in your human resources department as a result of AA Public Information activities or perhaps in an Online meeting. We get about us Alkis, carrying our message of hope to those still suffering from this horrible illness.

The second part of our Twelfth Step is about practicing these principles in all our affairs. What on earth does that mean says a newcomer? For me it is doing the next best thing as I go through my day. Sobriety has been a learning process and as they say, “We learn through our mistakes.” Naively when I first came into the Fellowship I thought, stop drinking, stop making mistakes, life becomes good again. How wrong can you be? I have made many mistakes in sobriety but in sobriety I do have a chance to learn from them, take inventory, ask for help, make amends where appropriate and move on. If I continue to do something that I don’t feel comfortable with then I’m probably not practicing these principles in all my affairs and it’s time to make changes.

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