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GREETINGS DEAR READER, and welcome to this month's red-hot edition of SHARE. I say 'red-hot', but maybe I'm being steered by the weather - phew, what a scorcher!  - and actually this issue is just 'cool'. You decide. This month, I am thrilled to report that The Promises and Me column is back and will be here to stay for a while, too. Great news. Also here this month for another bite at the cherry is Reflecting Back and, of course, our regular Speakers' Corner and Identification Parade features. Aren't we lucky?

Talking of being lucky, a word about the title this month, just to inform those who may be curious. Well, when I chose the photographs for the front and back I realised just how lucky we are to live in this green and pleasant land. The observant among you may notice that there is an exclamation mark rather than a question mark. Indeed, grammar pedants may object but think of it as a rhetorical question (we ARE lucky!)

Without question, we ARE lucky to have this wonderful Fellowship; we ARE lucky to have our Twelve Step Programme; we ARE lucky to be sober; we ARE lucky to ... okay, enough of the capitals letters, it looks as if I am shouting. Put simply, I am eternally grateful to be alive today, rather than just 'in existence'. You see, I can appreciate the simple things in life now I am in recovery - a smile from another person, walking the dogs, a hard day at work, a call from a fellow member of AA, an AA meeting, my family and friends inside and outside AA, the weather - good or bad. The list is endless. In short, I am privileged to be here today, and with privilege comes responsibility.  I am responsible to all of you. Enjoy this issue. Red-hot or cool, it's yours!

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