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April 2022

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Dear Reader

What a lesson Step Four is – I constantly have to come back to the words “of ourselves” to remember that I’m looking to shine a light on those characteristics within myself that no longer serve me well. It’s also important that I give credence to those characteristics which will serve me as I continue along my spiritual path, in recovery.  Working this Step with thoroughness and honesty really does bring a newfound confidence in our ability to handle new and ongoing relationships – even to find the strength to let go of relationships which are detrimental to our continued sobriety.  Developing the skills to deal with situations and relationships in the right way at the right time enhances our own emotional security.

I could never have faced such a self-searching inventory without the support I found within AA – my Higher Power, a sponsor, good friends, AA literature, meetings and service. Facing life as it really is, presents many different challenges but trust in this Programme ensures that this Step enables me to continue to take inventory on a daily basis without the self-loathing I previously experienced.  Letting go of all the ‘if only…’ about the past and the ‘what if…’ about the future keeps me focused on what I need to do today to ensure I stay on the spiritual road of recovery.  

Great news – the vacancy for our Calendar & Diary Editor has now been filled and so we can look forward to another wonderful Calendar and equally great Diary in 2023. Meanwhile we hope to hear more about your experience, strength and hope in the coming months – don’t forget to let us know how any 75th Anniversary celebrations have impacted on your sobriety journey.


Share Magazine April 2022

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