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I'm just back from a great convention weekend.

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I’m just back from a great convention weekend. It’s ages since we had a chance for such a welcoming reunion with so much fun and friendship. When I unpacked this morning, I found my chocolate reserves untouched - only a true alcoholic, chocoholic will understand the significance of this! After an unexpectedly awkward journey on the Friday, I had begun to have superstitious thoughts that this trip was just not meant to be. Only I could disregard the implications of the 24-hour clock. When I booked the 3.20 bus out of Aberdeen - well in advance - I had great confidence, fed by my large ego, that I would arrive in perfect time on the 3.20pm bus - not the one I had already missed at 3.20am. Who on earth would leave Aberdeen at such an early hour?

However, my troubles were ending not beginning because the welcome was warm, my lanyard ready and a programme had been prepared. My room was exactly where I had requested, but first things first – so after unpacking, I bought my raffle tickets as my luck, after all, was on the turn. A quick macaroni and cheese from a delightful dining room supervisor rescued me from starvation and seated me with folks who were to be my first new chums. I was initially taken aback to realise that the actual sessions were to be held what seemed to be miles away from the hotel, but someone met me in the foyer offering a lift down to a venue which in reality was only 200 yards distant. From then, I was an extremely happy bunny, if an older one, who was well cared for, steered in the right direction for everything and who met more and more friends. Apart from a few hiccups with the microphones the rest went by in a happy, chatty flash. The speakers were great, the bagpipes a truly welcome treat opening each session and the food was delicious. I felt relaxed, so happy to be with my ‘ane folk’ and empowered to strike up new conversations. Hopefully if I didn’t bore them, I tempted a few folks to venture to Torrievieja in September.

It was a great weekend. My warmest thanks to the organisers, the speakers and everyone who made the Scottish Convention welcoming, very informative and such an enriching experience. I didn’t win the raffle, but who cares? I have riches beyond my wildest dreams and my chocolate still!

Sincerely and gratefully,
Elaine K