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September 2021

Read our editorial for our September 2021 Issue of Roundabout Magazine here.

September 2021

I remember the first time I attended Intergroup; I was accompanied by an older member who was interested
in taking up a service role in the prisons. I attended several meetings with him and he soon passed on his
Group Service Representative (GSR) role to me and before I knew it, I had been 12-Stepped into Intergroup

Over the years I have done various roles which eventually led me to the Roundabout Sub-Committee. Every
role I have undertaken has been vital to the massive organisation that is AA. One of the things that fascinates
me within service is that every role is as important as the next one, we all need each other and all service helps
us fulfil our primary purpose; to help the still-suffering alcoholic.

Throughout this issue we hear not just about how our fellow members have experienced service roles
themselves, but also how some members found out about AA, or got to their first meeting via information
provided by our vital service roles. The extracts from AA literature at the start of this issue might also lead you
to some useful reading if you would like to learn more and you can, of course, always go to your next
Intergroup meeting.

We are really pleased to be producing a Roundabout Yearbook this year to mark our 70th anniversary. You are
now able to pre-order this and it will be dispatched in time for Christmas; please see page 7 for more
information. The Yearbook will contain all of the 2021 issues and our members’ stories within a hardback,
leatherbound book.

We are currently recruiting for a number of vacancies within the Roundabout Sub-Committee and further
details can be found on page 2. If these may be of interest, please contact our Trustee, Terri, to discuss further.
Contacting us doesn’t commit you to anything, but you can find out more about the role and whether you may
be suited to it. You never know, you might just find a rewarding way to give back to AA through service.

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org


2 Sub-Committee Notice Board – Vacancies
3 Editorial
4 Extract From AA Literature
6 Gratitude For AA Public Information Service
7 Roundabout 2021 Yearbook
8 No Longer Alone
10 Contempt Prior To Investigation
12 How Much Do I Know?
i-iv AA Conference Approved Books
13 The Roundabout Interview
17 2022 Fellowship Diaries & Calendars
18 Extract From Grapevine
20 Intergroup and Me
21 I Try To Talk From My Heart
22 That Was The Week That Was
23 Subscribe To Roundabout
24 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service



Intergroup and me

When I came to Alcoholics Anonymous there were several groups locally; I attended meetings regularly, but the home group I ended up in was particularly small.

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Gratitude for the AA Public Information Service

In January 1996 I had to be admitted to hospital to detox and three days later the miracle happened.

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