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October 2021

Read our editorial for our October 2021 Issue of Roundabout Magazine here.

October 2021 Editorial

Welcome to our October edition of Roundabout and our theme for this month is ‘Your Higher Power’. Many of our members’ stories in this issue, discuss that battle a lot of us can experience on coming to AA; not believing in God and rebelling against our previous teachings of the more traditional nature. What they also have in common is coming to realise that God, or our Higher Power, can be anything we want it to be. Importantly we need to accept that we are not ‘it’. I know I certainly remember doing this and at some point in the first year of my own journey, as Step Two suggested, I made AA my Higher Power and it grew from there to be whatever it is today.

Something for the newcomer to also note, our Preamble states, “The only requirement for membership, is a desire to stop drinking”. It is not a requirement to believe in a Higher Power and if you are new to AA or having a battle with yourself over your beliefs, don’t let it stop you trying AA and starting your own sobriety journey.

We are currently recruiting for a number of vacancies within the Roundabout Sub-Committee and further details can be found on page 2. If these may be of interest, please contact our Trustee, Terri, to discuss further. Contacting us doesn’t commit you to anything, but you can find out more about the role and whether you may be suited to it. You never know, you might just find a rewarding way to give back to AA through service.

As meetings start to open up again, we can also plan for conventions and gatherings. You will see on Page i, we are beginning to list events coming up in the calendar. Please let us know if you would like to include your own events and we shall list them in chronological order.

2 Sub-Committee Noticeboard Vacancies
3 Editorial
4 Extract from AA Literature
6 My Higher Power
7 Roundabout 2021 Yearbook
8 Belief in What?
10 No Longer Living with the Devil on My…
12 A Note of Gratitude
I Conventions and Gatherings
ii AA Conference Approved Books
13 The Roundabout Interview
16 Careless Talk Costs Lives
17 2022 Fellowship Diaries and Calendars
18 Extract from Grapevine
20 My Higher Power Is Still Listening
21 I Came Straight Back
22 That Was The Week That Was
23 Subscribe to Roundabout
24 The Twelve Concepts of World Service

My Higher Power is still listening

I have gradually come to understand more fully, the expectations I had when I undertook the Twelve Steps with my sponsor.

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My Higher Power

When I was a patient in my local mental hospital in Inverness as a result of my powerlessness over alcohol, I was given a 'Who Me' pack and I remember looking at the 12 Steps on an enclosed card.

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