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Editorial October 2019

The last few issues of our magazine have carried articles from some AA members who have described the various duties involved in their role as a Roundabout Liaison Officer (RLO) at either intergroup or regional level.

The authors of these articles have written passionately about how vital Roundabout still remains after almost 70 years since it first appeared as a newsletter in February 1951. They have all also described how being involved in this area of service has enhanced their sobriety.

The Roundabout Sub-Committee are tasked with creating and producing the magazine each month whilst the liaison officers tirelessly cajole AA members across the breadth of the country to write in and remind groups to take out or renew their subscriptions. Without their ongoing support we would not have a magazine in Scotland.

What may not be widely known is that this job can also be carried out at group level. Becoming your group's 'Roundabout Rep' gives individuals the opportunity to do service, build closer ties with fellow group members and start learning about the AA service structure.

There are AA members sober today in our Fellowship because a copy of Roundabout was gifted to them at a group they visited early doors thanks to the 'Roundabout Rep' making sure the magazine was available each month. Does your group offer that same opportunity to the newcomer now?

If you would like to find out what's involved in becoming an RLO or the Roundabout person in your group, the trustee for Roundabout has organised a meet-up in Edinburgh on Saturday 2 November 2019.

If interested please contact Stevie for more details at: trustee.scotiaregion@gsogb.org.uk


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