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We're into October now and over the next couple of months our intergroups and regions will be holding their Annual General Meetings.

These are important occasions where the various assemblies will most likely take a review of the work they have undertaken in the past twelve months, will ratify current post holders in their respective areas of service and will seek to elect new members into vacant service positions.

If these meetings conclude in the way they have for the past many years, the assemblies should be well pleased, and deservedly so, for the volume of the important work undertaken in our communities and our readiness to take AA wherever we are asked to help is impressive. If these meetings conclude in the way they have for the past many years, the assemblies will be left once again with the same vacancies they've had for ages in some service posts. It's a sad fact that the very considerable workload of AA service beyond the home group is still undertaken by a very tiny minority of our members. It's very likely that there isn't a single intergroup or region in our land which has every available service post filled.

All our outreach work in our communities is vital and it is sought. We take our message and our Fellowship to hospitals, prison and probation services, schools, social work departments, many more areas and anywhere else we may be requested. AA members with many years of sobriety talk of their introduction to AA while in prisons and hospitals. All this work is potentially life-saving and yet so few of our members choose to become involved in it. What a shame!

If you haven't yet considered service beyond your home group, please do so. You will find it so personally fulfilling. Please go to your next intergroup meeting to see and hear what's going on. You won't be press-ganged into service. You may well be moved enough to join in, though.


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