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November 2021

Read the November issue of Roundabout Magazine November 2021


In ‘The Twelve Traditions Illustrated’ Bill W describes the Traditions as “...they are to group survival what AA’s Twelve Steps are to each member’s sobriety and peace of mind.... Most individuals cannot recover unless there is a group. The group must survive or the individual will not.” I’ll always be grateful for the group being there that winter’s night when I walked into AA for the first time. This is still just as true today and as I shared last night at my home group - I am thankful to the group for being there to help make the meeting possible and to help me stay sober.

Our November issue includes literature extracts and members’ stories in relation to ‘the group conscience’. Decisions are reached by the group, its members can choose to serve their group in a variety of roles: “But they must always remember that they serve for the good of all, without authority over any.” (Twelve Traditions Illustrated.) I have the same feeling about the group conscience as I did when I accepted my Higher Power – it takes the pressure off and things are no longer my sole responsibility – let’s face it, it never worked in the past when I thought everything was my responsibility and I was in charge!

This month we hear from several members who went into meetings with a fixed idea in their head, determined to ‘win’ but the power of the group conscience ensured that group unity and personal sobriety was maintained.

As always, a request for articles please. If you would like to submit under a specific heading, page 21 details our themes for 2022 – but we also welcome your personal recovery stories.

This year we celebrated our 70th anniversary; for those who might be interested in helping to shape Roundabout for the future, we shall be holding a meeting on Saturday 27 November in Glasgow for RLOs and those with an interest in the magazine. Please email us on the address below for further details.

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org


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Roundabout Magazine November 2021 Cover image

I wasn't expecting that

It's 5.28am, 4 November 2020 and tomorrow is my 'belly button birthday'.

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Making Amends To Me

The willingness to make amends and acceptance of our part in things, make it possible to clear the air.

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