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May 2022

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This month some of our content focuses on the Serenity Prayer, words commonly heard at our meetings as we join in unity to recite it together at the end. When it started to be used by AA members in the 1940s it was felt that the prayer was particularly useful in dealing with life’s challenges - still true today. Many a time we hear a fellow AA share that they had to say the Serenity Prayer more than once in a day, taking time to ask God for serenity, accept what could not be changed, find courage to change what they could and importantly the wisdom to know the difference. A very simple process, but sometimes easier said than done.
I struggled with the prayer when I first came to AA and if you feel the same, I urge you to do what I did - hang in there. Give yourself time to understand how AA works and the use of the word ‘God’. Over time I joined in with a rousing “God, grant me the…” as people began to say the prayer to close the meeting; the prayer, for me, became a symbol of our unity as well as a guideline for living my day.

This issue contains our members’ stories of gratitude and use of some of our tools for living life, such as the Serenity Prayer and HALT. Thank you to all who have submitted an article for featuring in Roundabout Magazine.

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

1 Preamble
2 Sub-Committee Noticeboard
3 Editorial
4 A Letter Of Gratitude
5 The Serenity Prayer
6 Grateful - Not Fearful
8 Roundabout Yearbook 2021
9 Literature Extracts
i Conventions And Gatherings
ii Conventions And Gatherings Continued
ii Group Information
iv AA Bookshop Order Form
13 The Roundabout Interview
19 2022 Themes
20 HALT!
21 Learning To Accept
22 The Simplest Tool In The Box
23 Grapevine Article
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A letter of gratitude

I thought I would write to Roundabout as I haven't done for a few years.

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I regularly remind myself of those circumstances that place me at risk of lifting a drink - Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired, HALT for short.

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