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May 2020 - Editorial

Therefore, this issue of Roundabout is based loosely around the theme of 'Courage to Change'.  As a Fellowship the 'live show' is a much cherished element of our toolkit for living a 'normal', sober life but for the foreseeable future that option is no longer open to us. Within this issue are examples of the other ways we can communicate and more importantly, still reach out our hand to the still suffering alcoholic.

An extract from the 12 and 12 reminds us that with God's help and by working the 12 Steps we can face our current situation with faith rather than fear. A number of articles concentrate on how individual groups have responded to closures by going online. Also included are two articles from a sponsor and her sponsee describing how Covid-19 was not going to get in the way of Step work!

An article from the Grapevine has also been reprinted as it concentrates on another mode of communication which people may prefer to use in this time of uncertainty - the telephone.

For nearly 70 years Roundabout has been described as a meeting for those who could not get to a meeting. For the first time ever that now applies to all of us. The RSC thank those members who responded so quickly over the last few days by writing in and it seems fitting to note that the message contained in the reprinted Roundabout article from July 1985 is as true today as it was 35 years ago - writing into Roundabout is a way of doing service.

Putting your experience, strength and hope onto paper ensures that the hand of friendship still reaches the still suffering alcoholic. That has never been so important as it is now.

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2 Sub-Committee Notice Board

3 Editorial 4 Extract From Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions


7 The Fellowship Is Still Around Me

8 Deja Vu

9 The Moment We Say 'No Never!'

11 Working The Steps Despite Covid-19

13 The Roundabout Interview

16 My Survival Tool Kit


19 Stay Sober, Stay Safe

21 That Was The Week That Was

23 Subscribe To Roundabout

The Moment We Say No Never!

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As I sat tonight on a video call with my sponsee, going through Step Six (no, I never thought I would say those words a week ago either!) we reached the end of the reading in our 12 by 12's and the final paragraph starts with the words in the title above.

The Fellowship is Still Around Me

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I ­don't remember much about my first meeting. No, I wasn't drunk. I was one day sober. ­


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