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The previous editor spent a significant amount of their time in standardising the presentation of our much-loved monthly journal. A font and size was decided upon which was then used throughout the magazine. This gave Roundabout the updated look which we have all grown accustomed to over the last few years.

It is as a result of that hard work that one or two further changes can be introduced in this month's issue.

Firstly, the responsibilty for writing our long-running feature That Was The Week That Was on page 21 will now be shared between two AA members, a woman and a man, to reflect the make-up of our Fellowship. This month has been written by our new contributor which the Roundabout Sub-Committee welcome most warmly into our fold.

Secondly, as you flick through the pages you will notice a lot more graphics are present in this issue. Whether it's before or after the top table, at the tea bar or outside catching some fresh air during the break, the love, acceptance, warmth and humour we get to experience at an AA meeting is unique and is what keeps many of us coming back. It is hoped that that same atmosphere can be recreated here in the magazine through the use of a few more cartoons.

The Roundabout Sub-Committee would therefore welcome both articles and cartoons from members of the Fellowship.


2 Sub-Committee Notice Board

3 Editorial

4 A Timeline Of Drink And Recovery

7 Some Short Shares

9 Stay Involved

11 I Need To Walk The Walk

i-iv Diary And Service Pages - May 2019

13 The Roundabout Interview

16 Gratitude

17 Improving My Conscious Contact

18 This Time I Am Doing It For Me

20 Reflections

21 That Was The Week That Was

23 Roundabout Subscription Form

Stay Involved

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I Need to Walk the Walk

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