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There's an old term in AA:  every one of us will have heard of 'fireside AA' but the likelihood is the majority of us in the Fellowship today will never have been party to it. It stems from the early days of AA in this country when there were far fewer meetings than there are now and when far fewer people owned cars. Members would attend a meeting and thereafter repair in numbers to someone's house to continue sharing with each other into the wee hours with copious amounts of tea and coffee consumed. It was good for the head and soul and ensured everyone was well steeped in good, solid AA. Old-timers frequently lament its demise but the fact is the prolificacy of meetings and motor cars rendered it somewhat obsolete.

Circumstances today, however, give us all the opportunity to engage in something akin to that almost social, but wonderfully helpful, gathering. Summer is just around the corner and it's the perfect time to get involved in it.

Maybe once every week or two just select a group from 'Where to Find' - a group a good bit further than you would normally travel - fill a car and go! If you're a town or city dweller take a jaunt to a group in the countryside or coast. If you're a rural dweller take a run into the nearest city. It's a grand trip. You will invariably have an AA meeting in the car on the way there, you'll have the  AA meeting you're visiting and then a third AA meeting in the car on the way home. It's just as good for the head and soul too.

There are bountiful side benefits from these jaunts too. The members of the group you visit are delighted to welcome a carload of kindred spirits from further afield, friendships are often formed and compliments are more often than not returned. Before you know it you are getting ready for your meeting in your home group, welcoming the usual attendees and a carload of members from a place you visited a while ago turn up! Spread your wings when you share your experience, strength and hope and reap the benefits.


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