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March 2023

Read a preview of the latest Roundabout Magazine - March 2023

Thank you for reading our March issue of Roundabout and within its pages you will be able to find articles themed around longterm sobriety, the friendships we can make during sobriety and much more.

Later on in March we shall be holding our annual Roundabout Liaison Officers workshop - if you are interested in joining us on Saturday 25 March in Glasgow, to feed into the future developments of our magazine please email me for further information.

In this issue you will notice our new front cover design. This is part of a larger exercise led by the General Service Board after they were instructed by the 2019 Conference to “Review our current ‘public image’ as portrayed by our literature, with respect to our primary purpose, and identify any areas for improvement and make recommendations.”

Thank you to everyone who has sent in front cover images this month - there have been many and they are greatly appreciated, as are your articles.

Remaining 2023 Themes:
May - Steps 6 and 7
June - Gratitude
July - Living Sober
August - You Are No Longer Alone
September - Steps 8 and 9
October - Came to Believe
November - Steps 10, 11 and 12
December - The Promises

Editor roundabout@aamail.org

1    Preamble
2    Subcommittee Noticeboard
3    Editorial
4    Letter To Myself
6    A Lovely AA Couple
8    Steps Four And Five
9    Fellowship Diaries and Calendars
10    Acrostic Iain
12     66th Scottish National Convention
i     Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv     Group Information
13     The Roundabout Interview
16     AA History Corner
18     Sobriety Means
20     Living In France
22     Extracts From AA Literature
23     Subscribe To Roundabout
24     The Twelve Concepts Of World Service
25     The Twelve Traditions


Living in France

"I always found life easier to cope with when I attended meetings."

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Acrostic Iain

When I first came to AA and looked round the room I saw friendly, welcoming faces and at the front of the room I saw two large scrolls hanging up - they were the Steps and the Traditions.

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