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March 2022

Read our latest edition of Roundabout Magazine March 2022

There were several slogans that in my early days I could understand relatively quickly, one of them was ‘easy does it’. In those vital first days, those in AA gave me the permission when I couldn’t show myself kindness, to take it easy and allow myself a moment to breathe. There was no rush, I just needed to keep coming back, one day at a time and not worry about the future.

In the present day, more regularly than I probably admit, I still need to stop and remind myself to take it easy. When I got sober, I gained my life back, but I am also in danger sometimes of cramming too much into my life and making it unmanageable again. I need to stop and check in with myself and remind myself of the AA slogans.

As we read through our members’ stories in this issue, we hear again and again the importance of letting time pass, letting the AA Programme work and getting into action. On page 6, our writer shares about ‘delusion’ and ‘denial’; how many of us does that apply to before getting sober and joining AA?

We have a few vacancies within the Roundabout Sub-Committee, the first being for a secretary and the other an assistant editor. If you would like to have a chat about either of these vacancies please contact myself on the email address below or our trustee on trustee.highlandsregion@gsogb.org.uk 
Editor, roundabout@aamail.org

1    Preamble
2    Sub-Committee Noticeboard
3    Editorial
4    The Purpose Of My Life
6    Mastermind Of Drinking
7    2022 Themes
8    Roundabout Yearbook 2021
9    The Only Requirement
10    Simple But Not Easy
i    Conventions And Gatherings
ii    Group Amendments And New Groups
iii    Groups Closed Down
iv    AA Bookshop Order Form
13    The Roundabout Interview
17    AA GB 75th
18    2022 Diaries and Calendars
19    The Best of Both Worlds
20    Literature Extracts
22    Grapevine Article
24    My Life Has Been Transformed
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Roundabout March 2022

Simple but not easy

Everyone in the Fellowship tells you that this is a simple Programme for complicated people and alcoholics are certainly complicated people.

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My life has been transformed

Dear Roundabout, I've been meaning to write in for a while...

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