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Every year, around the second Saturday of March a rather unique AA service event takes place in Scotland. March 9th is this year's date for the Annual Roundabout Liaison Officers' Workshop and what makes it unique is that it is the only Liaison Officers' meeting which is held outside of York.

The announcement for the event is always placed on page two of this magazine from November onwards as this is the time of year that the Roundabout Sub-Committee begins its annual preparations to welcome members of the Fellowship to Glasgow to share their experience on how Roundabout, our Meeting In Print, is still being used to carry the message.

Invites to every serving Roundabout Liaison Officer are sent out by the sub-committee secretary in January. Any intergroup or region where the role lies vacant means a letter of invite is sent to the secretary or chair in the hope that someone will attend.

There is though one more thing that makes this annual service event unusual: it is open to AA members who have an interest in Roundabout or who are considering a service post either as a Liaison Officer or as part of the Roundabout Sub-Committee.

If you would like to find out what being a Roundabout Liaison Officer entails, please come along. If you would like to meet the sub-committee members and hear how, by working in unity, this hard-working team manages to produce the magazine on a monthly basis, again you would be most welcome.

The only thing we would ask is that you contact the sub-committee to advise us you will be attending as a visitor as numbers are limited.



2. Sub-Committee Notice Board

3. Editorial

4. Safe, Sane And Sober

6. Back After Seven Years Away

7. I Uncorked A Demon

9. Halt

10. From A Wee Sober Alkie

11. Gratitude

12. Grief And Alcohol Don't Work

i-iv. Group Changes, Diary & Service Pages

13. The Roundabout Interview

16. Enjoy Every Day

17. Beyond The Bars

20. Reflections

21. That Was The Week That Was

23. Roundabout Subscription Form

Beyond the Bars

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