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The very last chapter in our Big Book (A Vision For You) assures us 'The most satisfactory years of your existence lie ahead.' when we join with kindred spirits and '...trudge the Road of Happy Destiny'.

Why did our pioneers who put our Big Book together and forecast such satisfaction for us, though, use the word 'trudge'? That certainly rings of a laborious trek. Why, when offering such a satisfactory future for us, one day at a time, didn't they put some 'spin' on it and use 'stride' or something similar which would infer steady, purposeful and confident progress?

Perhaps they were very well aware that this allegorical road, albeit straight and narrow, would have obstacle after obstacle along the way. Just like the cover picture on this magazine, there would be potholes and hazards all along the way. There may well be mountains to climb ahead too. Perhaps our trailblazers were trying to dissuade us from becoming too blase and were reinforcing the notion we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground all the time.

AA has never guaranteed, and never will, that sobriety brings immunity from difficulties, hardships, setbacks or tragedies. The guarantee is that we will be equipped to appreciate the abundance of good things life now brings us and gain the ability to deal correctly and responsibly with the setbacks and knocks that every single being has to face from time to time. We, too, will meet them, deal with them and we will walk onwards all the stronger from the experience. Life is so much more enjoyable when it's uncomplicated and manageable.

And why 'the Road of Happy Destiny'? Why not the 'Road to Happy Destiny'? Simply this... as long as we draw breath we are still alcoholics. We need always be vigilant and watch our step. Happiness isn't a destination. It's a manner of travelling. Take care.


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