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June 2021

Welcome to the June issue of Roundabout; our Safeguarding edition.

Welcome to the June issue of Roundabout; our Safeguarding edition. Thank you to all the Fellowship members who have submitted articles for this issue and future ones – without your submissions we would not be able to produce the magazine every month and continue to provide a valuable and much-loved tool to share our experience, strength and hope with the those who need to hear it.

The theme of this issue got me thinking about how I view safety in AA and when I first came to AA, I remember feeling ‘safe’; I felt safe at the meetings, with the people I met and crucially, safe from my own thoughts. Eventually over time I began to feel safe in the outside world because of the foundations AA had helped me build. I had not realised how important feeling safe was until I experienced it, in such a true form.

Paul’s article starting on page 4 talks about the safety he feels in a meeting and how important this is. There are not many places you can meet a room full of strangers, knowing you will pretty much always leave with new friends! But he also talks about how he transitioned to online meetings when the pandemic hit, because he had to look for alternative meetings. It was still crucial to ensure those attending were safe, even though they were not meeting online. It was also crucial that he spoke up when he had concerns and discussed them with other group members – something the ‘old me’ would have struggled to do. I wouldn’t have wanted to cause an issue or upset people, but AA teaches us to have the courage to speak up and seek help from others.

If I can take a moment to draw your attention to the rest of our themes for 2021, detailed on page 16. Please consider submitting articles for these issues or helping fellow members to do so and please bear in mind we work two months in advance of each issue.

Assistant Editor


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My Thoughts On Anonymity

We are alcoholics who help each other get and stay sober, one day at a time and we don't tell anyone who we've met at meetings.

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Life Is Amazing Today

Those are very powerful words for me and most times I've said them it's been in the comfort and safety of AA company or in an AA meeting knowing I'm almost never alone.

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