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In June, endless days of light, accompanied hopefully by some warmth are promised as we move further away from the unpredictabilty of spring and the darkness of the winter months. That same journey from darkness into light is on offer to each and every one of us in AA. One can sit on any chair, in any type of meeting and hear how the bleakness of a listless, derelict life can be replaced with a life of contentment, normality and gratitude.

Such transformations do not come quickly nor do we find them particularly easy. The change we must undergo requires a new way of living which, at first can seem impossible to men and women who have lived lives of secrecy, guilt and shame due to alcoholism.

That is where our Fellowship steps in. It is because of the People, the Power and the Programme that thousands of us have been able to come out of the darkness and begin living changed lives.

This month of June brings with it also a change for Roundabout: a new design for the front cover along with a QR code on the back which, if scanned, takes you directly to a web page on the AA GB website selected by the Editor.

Also, within this issue is our first article from one of our Roundabout Liaison Officers who shares how service has enhanced his sobriety as well as a cartoon found in an issue of the magazine from 1981 which has been restored and brought back to life - just like us


2 Sub-Committee Notice Board

3 Editorial

4 The Group

6 Stick With The Winners

7 Every Day Is A School Day

9 The Welcome Was Overwhelming

11 Trust The Process

12 My Journey Into Service

i-iv Diary And Service Pages - June 2019

13 The Roundabout Interview

16 Paul's Story My Wife - The Alcoholic

17 I Never Drank Successfully

19 Two Girls

20 Reflections

21 That Was The Week That Was

23 Roundabout Subscription Form

The Group

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The Welcome was Overwhelming

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