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July 2021

'Your rock bottom' - one of those 'events' that is different for everyone, but if we are lucky, still brings us to the same place eventually - AA.

‘Your rock bottom’ - one of those ‘events’ that is different for everyone, but if we are lucky, still brings us to the same place eventually - AA. Thank goodness it does, although we must not forget the still suffering alcoholic.

This issue is packed full of members personal stories of their own rock bottoms and hopefully you can find important identification within. Several members’ talk about their first meetings as a result of contacting AA in desperation and from my own first meeting I remember being told “Listen to the similarities, not the differences”. When I started to do that, things changed and to this day finding that identification at regular meetings is still a massive part of my own sobriety.

We also hear from those who have gained sobriety recently on Zoom and through online meetings, proving that AA and the Fellowship really can be in all manner of places and forms. As Jill says at the end of her article, “One last thing I have learnt is - I cannot do this alone!” Throughout this issue, many will identify with the memories of the warm welcome and Fellowship at their first few meetings.

Another theme that flows throughout the July issue is that of loneliness and desperation, having nowhere else to go, no more people or family members to turn to. Importantly though, those members found their way into AA and their personal stories tell us how they began a journey of recovery, turned their lives around and for some, gained the love and trust of their family back. Inspiration for anyone looking to seek help for themselves.

We also have a number of vacancies within various Subcommittees at the moment and further details can be found on pages 2 and 20. If you think you might be interested, and would like more information please contact the GSO using the details on page 2 to have a chat with another Subcommittee member – you are not committing yourself to anything. For the vacancies on Roundabout please contact the Roundabout Trustee using the details on page 20.

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8 Recovery At Last
9 Free Fall
10 My Rock Bottom
12 Light In The Darkness
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13 The Roundabout Interview
16 I Could Handle One Or Two Glasses
18 The Day The Hurting Stopped
19 Broken And Confused
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24 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service



One day, I found myself alone in a touring caravan on the banks of Loch Lomond because I had pushed my family away so that I could isolate after 34 years of drinking and 14 years in and out of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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My Rock Bottom

I started regular drinking at 14; was asked to leave school at 15; drunk on the day my father died of acute alcoholism when I was 16 (I did not know until the following day as I was in a blackout).

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