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Editorial July 2019

In the old days, July meant that I had my kids all day, every day. During term time I could drink with impunity for a significant number of hours each day. The relief I felt when they left for school was incredible; the dread I experienced when I knew they'd be home soon was unbearable. The long six weeks of the summer holidays were therefore torture.

Torture because I was faced daily with the reality that I was unable to be a mum because of my drinking. The days where I was able to pack us a picnic and just head out on an adventure were long gone. All I longed for was to be left alone to drink. Even when I managed to scrabble enough money together for a day out, I was preoccupied with how many hours I had to get through until they were in bed and I could drink, unchecked.

When we come into AA and discover we have been suffering from an illness many of us initially think it a cop-out. It is only if we investigate further, with the help of a sponsor, that we realise whilst we are not responsible for having this disease we are most certainly responsible for our recovery.

And so, however you may be planning to enjoy your holiday be sure to factor in how you will continue to enjoy your hard-earned recovery. You could use the Where To Find to discover a meeting near to where you will be staying and ring ahead to check it will be open.

You could also take this copy of Roundabout with you. There are the articles within the pages which you can read at your leisure and then, once that's done you could scan the QR code on the back and you'll be taken to the AAGB website which has even more Roundabout articles to read and even listen to.

N.B. To scan the QR code just open the camera on your phone and hold it over the code. If you have an iphone a message will appear asking to take you to our website.


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