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Editorial July 2018

Cunning, baffling, powerful! That's how our Big Book describes alcohol and that's exactly what it is. Some in the Fellowship add another attribute too - patient. It's essential that we alcoholics never underestimate that awesome power. We cannot escape from the presence of alcohol. It's around us everywhere - in corner shops, on supermarket shelves and, in these balmy, sunny days, on open-air tables within the curtilage of licensed premises or even in the garden next door where the barbecue is being enjoyed. And it beckons to us all the time.

How often do we hear Fellowship members, and not necessarily newcomers, speak of walking along the street on such a day, feeling the intense heat and being stopped in their tracks, albeit momentarily, by the sight of tall glasses of cold beer with the condensation trickling down the outside? We hear it often. It looked so refreshing and welcoming. It's there to seduce us, though. There to tempt us and eventually to ensnare us. This isn't melodrama. We must never let our levels of vigilance drop. The longer we tarry the more our defences are tested.

Regardless of how long, time wise, we are away from our last drink we are all susceptible to being paused in such situations. It's just the nature of the beast. For most of us, these incidents will be fleeting and will be shaken off quickly. The potential for disaster is in allowing these visions and thoughts to remain in our heads. It's important we do mention such experiences to others, particularly our newer members.

Those younger in sobriety should know that such circumstances do arise but are invariably shrugged off. It must be stressed to them, though, that if the thought lingers and can't easily be forgotten, they must speak to another alcoholic about it and quickly at that. Nothing is too trivial to speak about and nothing is too trivial to listen too. Remember that we deal with alcohol --cunning, baffling, powerful!


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A Letter From My Brother

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