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January 2022

Read the January 2022 Edition of Roundabout Magazine


We start the New Year with Step One. In this issue our members share their stories of their own rock bottoms and how alcohol gained control. Also, of the courage they found and how AA changed their lives and that of their families and those around them. Consistently we hear how alcohol is patient and quietly creeps up on the individual, insidiously seeping into our everyday lives until something happens to make us ask for help.

I still don’t know what made me ask for help; I just know something small clicked inside me and I realised I couldn’t do this anymore. I looked for help and emailed AA. Eventually I went to my first meeting. I don’t remember much but I do remember hearing what I now know is the Preamble and the mention of a ‘Desire to stop drinking’. I was asked if I could drink alcohol in safety and could I guarantee what would happen if I took a drink? These things made sense to me and I went back again the next week and kept going.

Please can I encourage you to write an article for Roundabout. This does not need to be on a specific theme and you do not need any minimum length of sobriety to do so. What is important is that we continue to share our experience, strength and hope with each other through our magazine and especially for those who may not be able to get to meetings at the moment and rely on your written shares.

Due to the ongoing Covid situation our planned Roundabout workshop in November became an online one. Thank you to those who attended and shared their valuable feedback and ideas for the future of Roundabout. 

May I take this opportunity to ask you to consider ordering spare copies of this Step One issue for your group, so that you have them to hand for newcomers when they walk through our doors. Details of how to order are on page 25.

With regards to our 2021 Yearbook, due to increased printing costs we have now made the decision to produce it in a soft cover rather than hard. We are therefore able to reduce the cost to £5 and those of you who have already ordered at the higher price will have been contacted. Details of how to order are on page 8.

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org



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4 The Great ‘I’
5 The Struggle To Accept
6 Captain Drunk And Incapable
7 2022 Themes
8 Roundabout Yearbook 2021
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13 The Roundabout Interview
17 AA GB 75th
18 2022 Diaries and Calendars
19 The Dash
20 Another Year Passes And Still Online
21 I Changed
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24 That Was The Week That Was
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Roundabout January 2022

The Dash

Ever looked at a gravestone or an obituary? You see the person's name, their year of birth, a dash and their year of death. That dash contains their entire life.

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The Struggle to Accept

In my younger days I could handle my drink, so much so that I was in fact complimented on it by some of my colleagues. It was never a problem.

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