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January 2021 - Editorial

We are continuing our themed editions for 2021 and what better way to start the New Year than with Step One. I have really enjoyed going through articles and literature for this theme, remembering my own Step One work and my journey in AA so far. For me, Step One started whether I knew it or not, when I walked into my first meeting and one of the things I considered as we created this months issue was, “What was important for me to hear at my first meeting?” Identification. Time and time again I need to hear identification – it tells me why I am in the right place and makes me feel safe with the people there.

The articles on page four from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous talk about acceptance and reaching a ‘rock bottom’ and I hope you can find identification within them as I did. Thinking back, that night at my first meeting, I remember hearing the Preamble being read and the man chairing the meeting said “I cannot guarantee what will happen if I take a drink and I cannot drink alcohol in safety,” that was the start of me being able to identify with other recovering alcoholics and it made me come back the next week – I had no idea then how important that was.

Another memory that came back to me as I thought about the Steps and a local ‘Steps and Traditions’ meeting I attend, was that I remember my own sobriety shifted when I realised I was powerless over alcohol and then actually accepted this and got honest – it didn’t come easily or quickly! In addition to this, I felt another shift, when I read the next bit of Step One (and chose to hear it) that my life was unmanageable – even without alcohol life can seem unmanageable, but AA gives me a Programme and suggestions of how to deal with it – and it works!

Your articles are so important to ensure we continue to be able to provide our readers with identification, thank you to everyone who has submitted one – and if you have not, maybe now is a good time and our themes for 2021 can be found on page 11.

Assitant Editor Roundabout


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