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December 2022

Read our issue of Roundabout Magazine December 2022

“We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.” – an extract from The Promises that always brings a smile to my face when I hear it. It is the word ‘baffle’ - I have spent most of my life in a baffled state! It sums up so perfectly how I used to stumble my way through life, navigating the ups and downs, I didn’t know how to live or how to deal with situations that might come my way. Now, I still don’t always know how to deal with every situation, but AA gives me the knowledge that I can deal with it and a host of ‘responsible adults’ to ask advice from. The Promises, as shown on page 4, tell us what we can expect if we jump feet first into AA and surrender.

As December arrives, so does the dreaded ‘C’ word and a whole variety of emotions and situations for us to navigate. Whether this is a time of year you enjoy or dread, AA is always there at the end of a phone or an email; in person or online and of course, within the numerous books available to help us work our Programme. However you access AA, don’t be alone at a time that can be tough for many.

In the past few months we have been at Conventions promoting Roundabout and encouraging people to submit articles for our magazine. If you are planning a convention in 2023, please let us know and we will be only too happy to come along. Once again, thank you for your shares this month and for helping to make this issue possible.

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org



1 Preamble

2 Subcommittee Noticeboard

3 Editorial

4 The Promises

5 I Needed The Programme...

8 Roundabout Yearbook

9 The Only Book I Need

10 Life Changes

11 Sobriety And Christmas

12 66th Scottish National Convention
i Conventions And Gatherings
ii-iv Group Information

13 The Roundabout Interview

15 AA History Corner

17 Denial

18 You’re Never Unfixable

20 Extracts From AA Literature

23 Subscribe To Roundabout

24 The Twelve Concepts Of World Service

25 The Twelve Traditions


Roundabout Cover December 2022


Sobriety and Christmas

Christmas isn't far away now and with its approach there comes an increasing anxiety.

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You're never unfixable

I've never told my story before, but I hope by sharing my life experience I will be able to bring strength and hope to others.

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