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December 2021

Roundabout December 2021 magazine.

1 Preamble
2 Sub-Committee Noticeboard
3 Editorial
4 Themed AA Literature Extracts
6 The Lady And The Plant
7 Roundabout 2021 Yearbook
8 This Simple Programme
9 Promises
10 How Extraordinary
Golden Sands And Golden Years
12 All Mapped Out
i Conventions And Gatherings
ii AA Bookshop
13 The Roundabout Interview
15 Three Ages
16 AA GB 75th Anniversary Convention
17 2022 Fellowship Diaries And Calendars
18 The Grapevine Article
20 The Lady And The Plant Part II
21 2022 Roundabout Themes
22 That Was The Week That Was
23 Subscription Form
24 The Twelve Concepts Of AA World Service

As 2021 draws to a close, our issue focuses on The Step Nine Promises – a familiar reading at many AA meetings.

When I first heard them, I was drawn to one line in particular, “We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.” This was another ‘thing’ I heard in AA during the early days, which convinced me people were mind readers! Now I know it was identification I was getting, not mind reading. Baffled - I had spent most of my life baffled. But now I can say that yes, this really has come true and I can handle small things like using the washing machine and paying bills and big things such as dealing with difficult situations or defusing potential arguments – more importantly not instigating the arguments! All these things I would run away from and not take responsibility for. Life now though is very different and I can say that yes, the Promises really do come true if you work for them.

A few months ago we brought some of the familiar centre pages back into the magazine beginning with the conventions and gatherings. Please let us know about all updates to your meetings and we will reintroduce this section to Roundabout so that our readers are kept up to date.

At the end of November, we shall have held our RLO Workshop in Glasgow (I’m writing this in October), this will have been the first time we have met in person since March 2020 and we shall be using the event to plan the next 12 months of Roundabout magazine, listen to feedback and plan potential new features.

Please email us on roundabout@aamail.org if you would like to let us know what you think of your Fellowship magazine or write to the address to the left of this page. Comments are gratefully received.

Finally, please have a look at our 2022 themes on page 21 and consider submitting an article - again thank you.
Editor, roundabout@aamail.org


Roundabout December 2021 Cover image

Golden Sands and Golden Years

Over the years, I've written to Roundabout whilst on holiday as it's always been when chillaxing that my gratitude for AA is in abundance.

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This Simple Programme

In my early days in AA, dry after 30 years of daily drinking, I was astonished to hear folk share stories that said things like...

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