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December 2020 - Editorial

This month’s theme is Service – the Third Legacy. I have a sponsor who explained to me in words and deeds that the Twelfth Step is not just about sponsorship; it is also about being involved in the service structure of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is my duty to ensure that the message of AA is still reaching the still-suffering alcoholic in society. The fellowship, the friendships and the personal growth that have come into my life because of the service I’m involved in cannot be overstated.

And so it is for the AA members whose articles are featured in this month’s magazine. Two Roundabout Liaison Officers, separated by nearly forty years, write about how nervous they were when they initially took on their role at intergroup but how they grew in confidence as they came to understand how important Roundabout was in carrying the message. In the Grapevine article an AA member from America speaks of his gratitude for a group in Edinburgh who encouraged him to do service at group level in the days following the sudden death of his wife. Another AA member reminds us of the importance of rotation in service which helps to ensure the arteries of our service structure do not become blocked by people staying in position too long and therefore preventing others from experiencing their own spiritual growth through service.

 The Editorial Team would like to thank everyone who kindly submitted articles for the themed issues this year. We are very pleased to announce that the magazines from 2020, which are a unique document of how the Scottish Fellowship responded to the global pandemic, will be reprinted in a special, hard bound yearbook. This will be published next year to celebrate Roundabout’s 70th anniversary.

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Becoming The Person I Was Meant To Be

I fell through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous a hopeless, helpless drunk on April 5 2000.

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Random Acts Of Kindness

Kindness is a gift seeking no reward or recognition.

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