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As soon as Halloween has passed it begins and by the time the last firework has soared heavenwards on November 5th it is in full swing. The countdown to Christmas.

Christmas shopping, Christmas crowds, choosing the 'right' gifts for family and friends, money worries, family tensions, being apart from family, remembering family members who are no longer with us, being alone, work nights out, not being in work and the expectation to be seen to be enjoying all of it makes this time of year an emotionally stressful time for everyone in society. Is it harder because we are alcoholic or easier for us because we now have Alcoholics Anonymous in our lives?

For members in AA the festive season is an opportunity to remember that the most precious gift we ever received is sobriety and in this month we will have plenty of opportunities to put into action the responsibility we have to ourselves to maintain our sobriety.

We do this by 'upping' our meetings before, during and after the festivities. We do this by remaining connected to the important people in our lives. We do this by keeping our priorities straight and being prepared to remove ourselves from situations which make us feel uncomfortable. We do this by staying connected to our Higher Power and sharing with people in meetings about the ways in which we are now healing from the wreckage of our past.

Whilst we are not to blame for having the disease of alcoholism we are responsible for our recovery from it and by being responsible we can finally give our loved ones the peace and contentment they were robbed of during our drinking days.

The very warmest wishes for a happy, peaceful and contented Christmas are sent to you all from everyone on the Roundabout team.



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