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Christmas is approaching. It's a time for celebration and for giving and this custom of giving goes as far back as the very first Christmas. We are told God gave his son to us as a gift, to save us all, and the newborn son was very soon visited by the great, the good and the humble. These visitors brought gifts and that custom of giving each Christmas continues to this day.

Sobriety is the greatest gift an alcoholic can receive but it's given all year round and isn't guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our sobriety is a daily gift ensured by taking one day at a time and not drinking just for this one day. We give and are given the gifts of time, experience, strength and hope and this has been so since our co-founders were collided together in 1935. The founding fathers, a few short years later, gave us the gift of a foolproof Programme to see us through each day. These gifts are still being passed on from alcoholic to alcoholic to alcoholic to this day and will continue to be passed on. It is by freely giving away to others what was so gladly given to us that we remain sober. The more we give the more we receive. Our continued sobriety is contingent upon this process of giving and receiving one day at a time. It's Christmas Day every day for us in the Fellowship.

Sobriety allows us to take our rightful place in society today and live our lives in an orderly and responsible manner. Our sobriety allows us to enjoy to the full such occasions as Christmas and allows those closest to us to enjoy these celebrations too. We are trusted to be 'part of' today.

The greatest gift we can give to anyone we care for, within or outwith AA, Christmastide or any time, is our continued sobriety. Just keep on giving away what was given to you and cherish the gift in return.

The very warmest wishes for a happy, sober, peaceful and contented Christmas are sent to you all from everyone on the Roundabout team.


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