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August 2022

Read our latest edition of Roundabout Magazine

As you may know, we work about two months in advance to produce Roundabout. So, as an alcoholic who likes to confuse - I’m writing this in June (earlier than normal), the July issue went to print a few days ago and we are about to start on the August issue!

I’m on a train heading home to the Highlands from the 75th Convention in Leeds. I’m mostly writing this now, so I don’t forget it. Thank you to our amazing Fellowship, thank you to everyone who came to see the ‘Roundabout Team’. You told us what the magazine means to you (see page 11), and you also gave us ideas for new features (see page 15). Hopefully many of you submit those articles we talked about and take out new subscriptions. Importantly though, keep spreading the word and telling people about ‘our meeting in print.’ 

Two things stand out to me today: 1 I did something good for someone at the train station - I won’t tell you what as that would be cheating and 2 I’m looking forward to going home tonight. Neither of these things I would have cared about if I wasn’t sober. I’m sober because of you and our wonderful Fellowship – thank you.

Our August Roundabout is themed around ‘life on life’s terms’. Before getting sober, I didn’t live in reality, I lived in a dream world. I avoided the big issues, I dreamed big and told anyone who would listen about the latest big plan - none of it ever became a reality. Today, I don’t hide from life, I show up and deal with what is put in front of me that day and AA helps me to do so. I still have dreams, but importantly some of them do come to fruition and yes, there are still some grand plans in my head but I have a realistic approach to life because of AA.

Editor, roundabout@aamail.org


1 Preamble
2 Subcommittee Noticeboard
3 Editorial
4 My Journey (So Far)
6 Yes, No, Not Yet
7 Mindfulness, Acceptance and Gratitude
9 A Race For Slow Coaches
11 Your Feedback
12 Always The Party Girl
i Conventions And Gatherings
ii Group Information
iv AA Bookshop Order Form
13 The Roundabout Interview
15 AA History Corner
17 2022 Themes
18 Spiritually ‘Meh’
21 Extracts From AA Literature
25 Subscribe To Roundabout

Mindfulness, Acceptance and Gratitude

I am an alcoholic and my name is Iain.

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Always The Party Girl

I was always the party girl - lipstick and dress on, wine in hand, laughing and joking.

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