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August 2020 - Editorial

I did not relax at my first AA meeting until the main share began. I felt exposed and vulnerable and was scared that if anyone spoke to me that I would be found out as the terrible human being I believed I was and would be unceremoniously turfed out by the ear and told not to come back, ever.

Hearing my first table was a revelation. I felt relief and hope followed by disappointment and anger. The relief came from the identification I got when I heard someone else share about how their life had been ruined by drink. The hope emerged when I saw and heard how their life had changed and thought that perhaps all was not lost for me.

The disappointment and anger came when I heard the words “Higher Power” and saw the word ‘God’ on the scrolls. There was the catch. There was the bar. I was not going to be permitted a new life after all as I had turned away from my childhood religion decades before.

I was incredibly upset and spoke to an AA member later. I wanted, so desperately, what was on offer but in no circumstance was I going back to church again. I was done with organised religion years before.

What happened next was how I ‘Came to believe...’ Firstly, I was told that the 12 Step Programme was spiritual in nature. It was not about religion. Secondly, I was told I had to stop thinking that I was God and thirdly, I was invited to choose my own conception of God. At this point a scrap of paper was slid across the table to me in the homeless flat I was living in and I was encouraged to write two words to describe a God of my own making. I wrote those two words down and my journey of recovery began.

This issue of Roundabout is filled with articles about how other AA members ‘Came to believe...’

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