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It's April. The dark and dreary months of winter are behind us and since the clocks went forward last month our days have become noticeably brighter.

Now that we are sober our lives become brighter too. We are able to notice and appreciate the changes happening all around us. When we were drinking the only thing that mattered to us was how much drink was left and how much money we could find to buy more. When we were drinking we were oblivious to life, often struggling to even tell night from day.

One of the gifts on offer to everyone in AA is the ability to live a life of normality, one day at a time. We find that living life this way (in 24 hour blocks) allows us to be as effective as possible.

April is important within our AA calendar year as it is the month in which the Fellowship as a whole establishes our agreed conscience on 18 questions, selected from many, which fit our AA criteria. Fully informed by discussions at group, intergroup and region the six delegates sent from each of our 16 regions are equipped to contribute to detailed consideration of three topics in each of the six committees of the Annual General Service Conference at York.

Over a long weekend lively and passionate discussion ensues in order to reach the agreed conscience of the Fellowship on each question. The Conference Recommendations are published in the Summer edition of AA Service News and posted to each registered AA group. Thus, all members have the right and responsibility to freely access, read and study them.


2 Sub-Committee Notice Board

3 Editorial

4 With Gratitude And With Grace

7 Resentments

8 Gratitude

10 The Gift Of Desperation

i-iv Diary And Service Pages - April 2020

13 The Roundabout Interview

15 Came To Believe

16 Good Guidance Is The Key

17 A Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams

19 I Cannot Do This On My Own

20 A Happy Reminder

21 That Was The Week That Was

23 Subscribe To Roundabout


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With Gratitude and With Grace

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