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During an exploratory Conference in October 1965 it was agreed that the time had arrived to spread the responsibility of safeguarding the continuance and growth of AA more broadly. It was decided that an Annual General Service Conference (GSC) should be set up to allow the Fellowship and the General Service Board (GSB) the means of sharing experience and ideas.

Since then, a clear set of procedures have been adopted by Conference and this month, those same procedures will be followed as six delegates from each of our 16 regions meet in York for a weekend of committee work, plenary sessions, mental effort and passionate debate from morning till late at night with the sole aim being to establish our agreed national conscience on a range of questions.

This weekend is the end point of a process which occurs annually. A question for the next year's Conference can be submitted by any individual, group, intergroup, region or Board member. The question should be about a matter which concerns Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain as a whole. The deadline for submission of questions is 31st August.

The Conference Steering Committee (CSC) meets in September to select a variety of the questions. These then appear in the winter issue of AA Service News (AASN) so that the Fellowship can begin discussing the questions from December onwards. The GSR, region reps and conference delegates, as conduits, pass on the agreed group conscience for each question.

After Conference the agreed suggestions are published in AASN. Each group has final responsibility for implementing these decisions. The whole process begins with the group conscience and leads back to the group. This year's theme is 'Pass It On' and for anyone travelling to York this year, thank you and enjoy!


2. Sub-Committee Notice Board

3. Editorial

4. Truly Beaten

5. When The Fog Lifted

7. Step Eleven: Practising Prayer And Meditation

9. Living Sober

11. Twenty Years ODAAT

12. You Can Do It Too

i-iv. Group Changes, Diary & Service Pages

13. The Roundabout Interview

16. The Mainstay Of My Recovery

17. A Work In Progress

18. A Day Was Too Long To Stay Sober

19. I Didn't Think It Would Work

20. Reflections

21. That Was The Week That Was

23. Roundabout Subscription Form

Truly Beaten

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When the Fog Lifted

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