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Happy Birthday AA! We’re 86!

An Invitation to Share

Gratitude Week – June 2021

Dear Friends

The 10th of June 2021 marks the 86th anniversary of the founding of our Fellowship and we have an opportunity, (if we so wish), and many do, make an extra financial contribution in celebration of the anniversary – to pass the pot two times in the meeting, the first for the group, the second for GSO at York.

Conference 1988 made the following recommendation based on the spiritual value inherent in the practical expression of gratitude for our sobriety: -

 “That the Fellowship contrives to recognise our anniversary on 10 June by holding annually a Gratitude/Sobriety week”

The GSB ask if you are in a financial position to pass your gratitude contributions directly to York HERE

The GSB would like to take this opportunity to express its immense appreciation of the individual and collective efforts over the past years. I would appeal to Groups that no member is denied their opportunity to share, and through it may we all find a renewed awareness of our spiritual riches and that joyous sense of outgoing gratitude in 2021.


Love in Fellowship


Clive K.

Hon. Treasurer GSB