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1967 - 1976

1968 - Third General Service Conference request

  • Third Conference requests GSB assumes responsibility for the services of the Fellowship.

1969 - Scottish Intergroup name change

  • GSB accepts request made by Conference ’68, announcing decision at 4th GS Conference.
  • Scottish I/G changed name to Scottish Committee.

1970 - AA Sterling Area Services

  • AA Sterling Area Services (publishing company) combines functions of AA Publishing Co.
    and Central Service Office under auspices of GSB.
  • Central (Intergroup) Service Office opens in Glasgow, run by Glasgow I/G.
  • I/G Service office opens in London.

1971 - Manchester Office opens

  • I/G Service office opens in Manchester.

1972 - 25th Anniversary of AA in Great Britain

  • 25th Anniversary of AA in GB.
  • General Purposes Committee (publishers of Newsletter) ceases to exist. Newsletter replaced by Box 514 (later to become AA News) and Share (‘meeting between meetings’) under Trusteeship of GSB.
  • East Midlands History

    In the latter part of 1972 and early 1973 the fellowship in the East Midlands, although well established was still thinly spread. In 1973 there was two meetings in Nottingham, one meeting in Lincoln, two in Northamptonshire, four in Leicester and practically nothing in Derbyshire.

    Embryonic groups were beginning to emerge in Nottingham with the knowledge that if they were to survive, they badly needed to share with AA members of more established sobriety. To this end, invitations were sent to sober members all over the country. This sharing enabled these new groups to survive and grow. It made their members very much aware of the Legacy of Unity, and of the widespread nature of the Fellowship.


  • Running of CSO in Glasgow taken over by Scottish Committee.

1974 - 4th World Service Conference

  • London hosts the 4th World Service Conference, first to be held outside USA.

1975 - AA Service Handbook for Great Britain published

  • AA Service Handbook for GB published.

1976 - English speaking Meeting Sweden

  • The first English speaking Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden