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A Year Like No Other

2020 is the year of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
A year that is testing our ability to maintain our own recovery and carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic.

This is also the year of our Fellowship-wide Group and Members' Surveys, which has been undertaken every five years by conventional mail (post).

This year will be different

Because today, thousands of AA members in the UK and Continental Europe cannot safely attend AA meetings in person. They are also unable to receive their survey by conventional mail at their group's meeting location.

We stood at the turning point

Our Fellowship has responded to the pandemic in astonishing ways. We need to capture these actions so we can adapt and overcome the challenges this and future crises present to our Fellowship and programme of recovery. 

The 2020 Survey is a snapshot of how groups and our membership are coping in these challenging times. Whether you are a trusted servant at region, intergroup, your home group or an individual member of Alcoholics Anonymous, you can play your part in making sure the hand of AA will always be there for the still suffering alcoholic.

What you can do

Due to the realities of the pandemic, the 2020 survey is being carried out almost exclusively online. So, we're asking all Groups in GB and English-speaking AA in Continental Europe to complete the online survey only for your Group.

Group Survey launching 19th October

As you read this, The Group Survey (Phase 1) has begun. We're asking all group Secretaries or GSRs, to take the time (no more than 15 minutes) to complete one Group Survey online at (or by paper) ASAP. GSO has emailed each group a unique password to access the Group Survey.

But not all groups have provided an up-to-date group email address to GSO. If GSO does not have an email for your group, please ask your GSR to notify GSO , in order to receive a link & password, so that all groups will be counted in the 2020 Survey.

Contact GSO by phone +44 1904 644026 or email survey@gsogb.org.uk 


HOW IT WORKS (Group Survey)

Only one survey entry per group. All Group Survey responses are confidential. 

Simple and Secure

  1. Access the survey from any device or browser. Simply click the link in the email received
  2. Enter the password GSO sent to each group's contact on record.
  3. If your Group did not receive its unique password, request a Group Survey password from GSO by phone +44 1904 644026 or email survey@gsogb.org.uk.

Slower but Still Secure

  1. If any group needs a paper version, contact GSO for a paper copy to be posted or pdf sent to Group email.
  2. Complete the survey
  3. Post (mail) it back to:

    2020 Survey of Alcoholics Anonymous GB
    PO Box 1, 10 Toft Green
    York YO1 7NJ, United Kingdom


  • Please check your group contact has received the Group Survey (Phase 1) and password
  • Please check your group contact has submitted a response to the Group Survey.

... and there's more to come ...


Members Survey (Phase 2) begins November 30th

Upon completion of the Group Survey, our individual Members' Survey begins in earnest. We urge every member of AA in GB and CER to complete the online Members' Survey.

Passwords for members to access the Member Survey will be a sent to your Group Secretary or Group Contact on record (pink form) with GSO.

If your Group Secretary has not received passwords for members to use by 01.12.20, please request one from GSO using survey@gsogb.org.uk or call +44 1904 644026.

Half measures availed us nothing

Your willingness to collaborate with the 2020 Survey means everything. We can all play our part in this important event and contribute to our primary purpose - to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. 


No matter what life throws at us

Uncertainty may be the new normal. But we are certain that with your help, the 2020 Survey results will: 

  • Help all members in their personal recovery.
  • Give our trusted servants key data to make sound decisions for the future. 
  • Provide professionals an understanding of our Fellowship and the solution we offer.

Help to carry on carrying the message

The General Service Board (GSB) of AA GB has conducted a survey of the Fellowship every five years since 1972 in order to:

  • Fulfill our Primary Purpose in the most effective ways.
  • Be aware of and recognize the changing characteristics of the membership.
  • Estimate membership numbers.
  • Inform members, Conference and GSB regarding the best use of resources.
  • Communicate survey results with professionals and the Fellowship.

Contact GSO by phone +44 1904 644026 or email survey@gsogb.org.uk