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Editorial October 2016

Roundabout has, from time to time, appealed for more people to become involved in service in our Fellowship and will continue to try to spark an interest among those who have yet to become involved in service beyond the home group.

This issue of Roundabout carries six articles in which the contributors talk of their experiences in service. The articles cover personal specific duties, intergroup and regional roles, service on a national scale as a Conference Delegate and service undertaken across the world as a trustee. Not one duty or role is more important than another. Every role is a vitally important one. Every effort in service is geared to helping the still-suffering alcoholic.

All this essential and life-saving work continues to be undertaken by a small, dedicated minority in our Fellowship. Every intergroup and every region struggles to fill service roles and this is a tragedy.

The authors of these articles speak of the fulfilment and joy that service involvement brings and refer to service ‘enhancing their sobriety’. No one involved in service will deny that as absolute truth.

There are service roles to suit everyone, as these articles clearly show. Some involve a considerable time commitment, some involve perhaps one talk at a school or prison per month and others may require a shift once every two or three months. Some involve travel and some involve none at all. Being a telephone responder on our AA Helpline or a responder on our Online Response Service allows you to be involved in essential work in the comfort of your own home. There truly is something to suit everyone. You can become involved as far as your free time allows.

Please visit your intergroup to find out more. If a particular service area appeals, ask the Liaison Officer for more information. You too can experience the rewards of service and enhance your own sobriety.

  • Contents

    2.      Sub-Committee Notice Board

    3.      Editorial

    4.      Service In Schools                

    5.      A Worldwide Fellowship 

    7.      Online Response Service - The 21st Century Way To Carry The Message

    8.      Thank You For Keeping Me Alive And Sober      

    9.      The Benefits Of Service   

    11.    Heard At Meetings

    i-iv.   Group Changes, Diary & Service Pages  

    13.    The Roundabout Interview

    16.    Reflections    

    17.    Twelve Concepts Checklist (GB)

    18.    A Quarter Of A Century - ODAAT

    19     AA - An Appreciation

    20.    Vacancy - Calendar/Diary Editor

    21.    That Was The Week That Was

    23.    Roundabout Subscription Form

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