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We became willing to make amends to them all. Well maybe not this one, nor that one, and as for them – they can forget it! Hell will freeze over first.

Yes, dear reader, this is exactly what I thought when I first looked up at the scrolls on the wall in my first AA meeting. In fact, my thoughts remained the same for this choice group of people until I finally threw in the towel and embarked on my journey of recovery, some six years after checking in to AA.

Over the years in our rooms I have heard people talking about putting themselves onto their Step Eight list. At first I wondered how I could make amends to myself. And why should I, anyway? Surely it is about making amends to others, even those to whom I had little inclination to atone? It slowly dawned on me that if I was to continue my journey down the well-trod path to recovery then, yes, I should put myself on this list. A much wiser member of my home group pointed out that the time had come to take perspective, quit giving myself a hard time, and move forward. He added that it was OK to look back at the past but it was not a good idea to go back there; by beating myself up on a daily basis, he explained, I was living in the past. The time had come to put my name on that list. I am glad I did.

This month we have a thought-provoking article from the archives that highlights the synergy between our archives and the Traditions. Next month we hope to include more archived material too. If you have any suggestions, let us know.



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